Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up - GSU Lake Weekend

Monday.... Monday... Monday!  Why does it always feel that the Mondays you come back from a great/relaxing weekend or a long weekend in my case work is just a little crazy that day!! 

Friday was the most productive day I have had in a long time.  I took the day off and had my AC fixed (it broke wednesday and had to finishes one thing on it in the morning, then went up the Athens and got my car radio installed, which now I have bluetooth (I am a safe driver now), satellite radio and an iPod plug for my long drives that he and I will be taking the next few months to Statesboro and back for football games.  But on to the good stuff!!!

Koozie image I had made for the weekend
This past weekend I had my Georgia Southern friends over for a lake weekend.  We celebrated four birthdays (Nick: July 4th, Bryan: July 23rd, Alex: July 26th, and Michale's July 30th) (phew!) this past weekend.  We all got together on Friday-Sunday and had an olympic/adult field day weekend. 

We watched the 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremonies, hung out, and had a few drinks before the real party was going to started.  All day Saturday and Sunday we woke up, threw our bathing suits on floated, drank and rode on the jet-ski for 6ish hours a day.  While between for lunch and dinner we watched the Olympics and Braves baseball (who is on a 6 game winning streak) and talked about the up-coming football season!  We all totally missed Cara and TJ this weekend, but we will all be together 33 days from now at our favorite place, Paulson Stadium in Statesboro Georgia.  Its like Bryan said it was very relaxing not having to worry about what time we got up, when we were going to eat dinner or who was driving to the bar since we all stayed put at the house all weekend.

Can't wait to have everyone over again, it was such a great weekend with wonderful friends.

Hope everyone's Monday is going all right and that they had a relaxing weekend!

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