Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

Good Monday Everyone!

This past weekend we (my family, friends and I) celebrated the 4th of July! But first on Friday, I drove up to Athens for the evening to see Bryan. We went out to Mexican did a little shopping, went out for Froyo at Menchies and then went to campus (UGA) to look for our football seats for next season (which I am kind of excited about).

Saturday morning we dropped off Justin Timberlake (my car (Honda civic)) to get painted. It will finally look like a normal car without all the peeling. (i had my car custom painted when i bought it new while in college) I can not wait to pick up JT and I will not be ashamed of driving him. And then the next improvement to JT is a new CD player with Bluetooth and AUX plug. Yes, I guess I will be keeping my car for the next two years since I do not know what I want I want buy next, a smaller SUV and or a sedan.

After we dropped off JT we went down to the lake to celebrate the fourth! We went on the boat, had some drinks, grilled out, watched baseball and watched fireworks in the Milledgeville Kmart parking lot. Milledgeville put on a great fireworks show and a great way to end a nice and relaxing day.

On Sunday we got up and went back to the lake and had an adventure in the lake! No pun intended. We went out to our favorite swimming hole on Lake Sinclair and after about an hour or two of swimming we decided it was time to go back to the house. Well we got the anchor up and everyone on board and the motor would not start. It was not. good sign, since this is the second time it has happen. Our neighbor had to come and tow us in to our dock and hopefully we will have the boat fixed for next weekend. Well once we got home a pop-up storm came up with lots of thunder and lighting and more or less poured all night long. Bryan and I got home and we watched True Blood and some of the Olympic Trials.

It was such a good weekend with friends and family and I cannot wait to pick I JT on Saturday!! But what breaks my heart is that we are almost half way done with summer. I love weekends on the lake and being with my family. But on the upside that means the fall will be here soon and so will college football!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Happy Monday to You too!! Glad to be your newest follower! (Another Southern Blogger Here)

    Hugs, Jen @ f5