Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Round-Up

Phew... What a weekend!!!

The weekend started in Athens (Point A on the map above) and Bryan and I had a wonderful date night on Friday.  We went out for dinner then did a little shopping and then had some fro-yo at Menchies. 

While shopping Bryan ended up buying a new camera and of course I couldn't find anything I needed that was practical.  I do not think he has realized how excited I am with the camera he bought.  We finally bought a "tough" camera.  We can finally stop buying disposable waterproof camera for on the boat, lake, or tubing.  And now I do not have to worry about my camera getting smooched, dropped, stepped on, and or at all getting wet while tailgating with all of the kids and drunk adults that are around our area!!  I have been eying a tough camera for myself for years but was never able to justify buying one since I try to be careful with my electronics. (my last camera I had before i bought a new one last summer lasted all 6 years in college (bar years and all) and 2 years of lake/normal wear and tear, and I still have the original iPod (mac only) that still works). 

On Saturday we had family weekend with Bryan Unit.  I finally got to meet the men and women in his unit.  He talks about these people all the time and it is finally nice to put a face with a name.  We were given a tour of the base he does his training at, was able to sit in some of the vehicles the use during training and then we all went bowling as a huge group!  Yes, I am going to brag a little, I beat Bryan and two of his buddies bowling! 

After bowling and military time Bryan and I headed back to my house (point B on the map) for dinner and a movie night which we watched the Dark Night. I was surprised on how good it was! I have never been a "movie" person and I would recommend it to people if they were looking for a movie to rent or see.  We actually bought it a few weeks ago because Bryan really wants to see the Dark Knight rises and he said that I had to see the first one to understand the second one.  It is still a little heartbreaking knowing that was the last movie Heath Ledger made and that some of the voice overs and or re-shoots were not him.  But after seeing the Dark Knight I am really excited about seeing the second one next weekend when B and I see it on our day off from work we are taking together!

After our quick sleep we got up very early and drove our way to Guyton, GA (point C) on the map.  (yes we did all of this driving all in one weekend)  We went down to Guyton to celebrate AG's (my little niece) 3rd birthday.  She had a horse themed party.  That little girl got so much horse stuff she might need to get a stable for all of her toy horses.  I can not explain all of the stuff she got.  The cutest was when she was opening a gift from Sarah and Michael and it was art-work for her bedroom and it had little cowgirl boots and a horse on each of the prints and she looked at it, mouth open and dropped to the floor and said "OH MY GOODNESS" in the best little 3 year old voice ever!  She was so excited and overwhelmed by the artwork it was probably the one thing I will remember from the party and it was that one comment everyone will be saying for weeks!  Yes, I was the lame aunt and got her an IOU for some new Georgia Southern gear from the book store for football season.  But Bryan got her some puzzles and a UGA jersey and beads to wear when she is watching football with her daddy!  After the party Bryan and I drove back to my house at point B on the map.  Made it back and went right to bed.  The poor man had to get up at 5am to be at work (point A) by 7am. 

Phew!  After last weekend I am warn the hell out!!  I am glad that things are starting to wind down after a few busy weekends!  We have just a few more crazy weekends but we will not be traveling as much as we had this past weekend.  Hoping for a good week at work and a little gym and down time the next few days! 

Happy Monday and hope everyone had as good as weekend as I did!

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