Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th 2012

Good Afternoon y'all! 

Right now Bryan and I are waiting around the house until we go and watch fireworks in Athens.  While we were waiting for dark I wanted to share the wreath I made for the holiday. The wreath to the right is the yarn wreath that I made for the 4th of July Holiday that is hanging on the door at my house.  I used a 14" white wreath, wrapped it 3 times with a white yarn.  For the decoration I used two American flag pinwheels and some ribbon that I found at the local craft store.  This year fell in love with the pinwheel's.  It kind of made me feel like a kid when I bought them.  

While waiting on the fireworks we have been talking about our past 4th of July's and how we have spent them with friends and families.  This is our first Independence Day that we are spending together.  I am not going to lie, but spending it with him, since he is military, makes this day a lot more special.  I hope that everyone remember that we have our independence because of all of the service men and women.  I hope while everyone who is with their friends and family that they are also thinking about the men and women who have been and are over seas still fighting for our independence.  I hope that lots of watermelon and strawberries are being eaten, people are being safe in travels and bodies of water, that the lightning bugs are lighting up the skyline like the fireworks will be later when it gets dark outside.  

Be Safe, thank you to all of our service men and women and Happy 4th of July

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