Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So What! Wednesday

Hey Y'all.  This is my second time linking up with "So What Wednesdays" with Shannon.  This is one of my favorite link-ups that I try to participate in ever week.  I do not have many things that I am so whating but the things I do are all are related to one person.  (hoping she doesn't read this, but I am sure she is and I hope she realizes that it is about her)

This week I am saying so what if...
  • Your jealous of what B and I have and the things we do together. 
  • Every time I go into Coach I end up buying something.
  • I am pretending to be your friend right now
  • Your jealous and will not admit it to me: but you will admit it up and down to others.
  • I know you tell "her" everything that I have said to you.  Your a mean girl because of it!
  • That blog about friendship attempts is about you;  I was told to write it to get things off my chest! 
My venting is done about that mean girl.  Now to finish my day and have a great dinner at Jackson with Bryan! 


  1. new follower from friday blog hop. this link up looks fun. i may give it a try next wednesday if i can remember. love your blog by the way.

    1. Hey Christi, thank you for the follow! I was just checking out your blog and as a new follower I can not wait to read more about your up-coming wedding and I loved your background!

  2. Hi! I found you on sww! I hope the mean girl sees this and takes the hint. My so what was basically me venting about people too... blog people. And I know it's my choice to read their blogs, I just... idk... I wish people would keep it more real and not try to make themselves sound to 'perfect' when in reality, none of us are.

    I am soo lucky there's not a coach store near me... there's an outlet about 45 min away and I keep myself out of there. I love their fun summer bags right now!

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words! And your totally right you have to keep it real all the time no one is perfect!

      And the Coach summer line has been deadly to me. 3 bags this season and sunglasses and my b/f just ordered a fall one for me last week! Poor Bank Account!