Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bryan's Birthday Weekend!

Hey Y'all.  Hope everyone is having a GREAT Tuesday afternoon and that everyone is staying out of the heat most of the US is dealing with.  I really think that down in Georgia the past week has been the worse with the humidity.  I can not walk out-side without sweating. It is horribly gross and I can not wait for more "fall" like temperatures! 

So last weekend we celebrated Byran's 27th birthday.  Him and I went to Atlanta for the weekend.  On Friday night him and I went to PF Chang's at the Mall of Georgia for dinner.  I have not been there in the longest time.  I have to say the food and service was wonderful.  I guess I get excited when I get to go to restaurants like that because I have such a small selection in the town I am in. 

On Saturday I had a not-so fun appointment for 4 hours (YES 4 HOURS) at the dentist while Bryan slept in at my parents house.  Then we ran around town and did some shopping around the mall area.  Then we finally made it to Kelly's house warming party.  I am in LOVE with Kelly's new house.  She did such an awesome job doing her re-modeling and decorating.  I felt like I was walking into a show room in everyone she showed us.  After her party I dragged Bryan to have dinner at Taco Mac (my favorite restaurant in the Atlanta area) with one of my sorority sisters, Bridget.  After a 3ish hour's a handful of drinks and food being eaten we finally made it home.  I am pretty sure the constant flow of alcohol helped with the pain in my mouth and teeth.

Sunday was the biggest day for birthday celebration.  We started the day with a wonderful trip to Waffle House with my parents.  ** Non-southerner alert ** come to find out my parents have only been to waffle house 3-5 times since moving to Georgia... we have lived here for almost 20 years.  After breakfast I surprised Bryan to a trip to the Georgia Aquarium.  I felt like a parent on Christmas day when a child opens gifts for the first time that is how excited he was about going.  He has been talking about going to the Aquarium as long as we have been dating.  This has been one of the best days that him and I have had since we started dating.  We went to all 5 of the worlds the Georgia Aquarium offers.  The best was when we went into the Ocean Explorer area and got to watch how they fed the whale sharks and the look on Bryan's face when your face to face with the huge glass wall and you can see the fish in their natural habitat.  We got to see the dolphin tales show, which reminded me something you would see at Sea World.  Their was lights, singing, dancing and flipping dolphins.  It was really cool to see and it was new to me seeing it, since I had been to the aquarium before.  The part I like the most at the aquarium is the coral reef area.  They have an area where you can sit and watch a "barrier reef" with all the fish.  The colors on these animals are so bright and vibrant, and what makes it more "life-like" is that they have a wave machine that moves the water like the fish are still in ocean.  It is all such a cool sight to see, especially if you have never been to the Georgia Aquarium before.  After the Aquarium we took the scenic route home.  Took Peachtree to Piedmont, passed the park and made our way over to Lenox Mall and then took 141 all the way to John's Creek.  I would highly recommend going to the Aquarium for anyone young or old!  It was such a great way to get out of the heat also. 

Finally (its been a 3 day celebration) last night for Bryan real birthday, I had cup-cakes delivered to him from Sliver Lining Bakery in Athens.  And for a celebration last night we went to dinner and a movie at Lake Oconee.  We saw The Dark Knight Rises.  It was really good for a comic book movie (which is sometimes hard for me to say since I am not a movie and or comic book person).  The movie ending also left it open for a sequel which I would probably go see if and when that does come out. 

I hope he has a much fun as I did this past weekend!  And I can not wait until next weekend when we have the 1st annual Lake Sinclair Olympics at the house!  It's going to be so much fun!

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