Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Widespread Wednesday 7.4.12

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  This week is turning out to be one of the oddest weeks with the holiday is the middle of the week due to the 4th of July.  Not complaining about having the day off from work but I am worried that tomorrow (Thursday) is going to feel like a Monday when going into the office!?!    This Wednesday I am wild about three things: 

First and foremost all of the Fireworks.  I absolutely in love with fireworks.  I will be able to see fireworks two times this 4th of july.  Last Saturday in Milledgeville and today, in Athens.  They are some of the most beautiful things when they are put off in the correct order along with the colors and or sizes they are made to be.   I wish that it was kosher to that I was able to watch fireworks once a week instead of a few times a year.

Next, I am excited about my car (JT) finally being painted.  I get to pick him up Friday night and or Saturday afternoon!  I can not wait to see what JT will look like with a nice shiny new paint job. He will be all blue, clean and pretty!  I am going to be so excited and not ashamed to drive Mr. Timberlake!!

Lastly is Bryan and I's House Divided matches.  We will always be divided when it comes to football season, especially this year when my GEORGIA SOUTHERN EAGLES go between the hedges to play his University of Georgia Bulldogs (i am a UGA fan except when our teams play each other) in late November.  But the house divided issue came up again this week when the Chicago Cubs came into town and played the Atlanta Braves.  I grew up in Chicago, my parents still have season tickets to the cubs, and it is the only team that existed until I moved to Atlanta.  So we have been in a bitter battle this week about baseball and who has the better team.  So far we are both 1-1 for wins out of four games.  Hopefully the Cubbies can pull the series out.  But on Friday after the Cubs leave town I will be once again a Braves and Cubs Fan!

Happy Wednesday and have a safe 4th of July!

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