Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up!

So the weekend is officially over (i know i know i am a day late... I am still on relax mode from the week) and what an odd week it has been. We celbrated the 4th of July and AMERICA 3 times this year with fireworks and its been non stop crazyness since the last weekend of June!  I have been officially thrown off all of last week because of the Wednesday Holiday!  Lets just hope next year when the 4th lands on a Thursday the Boss Man will give us Friday off also!  (that would be epic!!). 

Over the weekend I finally got to pick up Justin at the Macco.  I am super excited to be back int he comfort of my little blue car then in my parents Honda Pilot.  I guess I have been driving a sedan way to long and not use to sitting up high in an SUV.  Macco did a really nice job with the painting of the car.  You would have no idea that the roof and trunk were peeling from the sunlight.

(a little rant about macco.  Sorry) I have to say, I know its Macco and its usually the cheaper place to go for car and collision on an automobile.  The paint job its self looks great and I hope that it will last 2-3 years (until I can pay cash for a new car) but the customer service / "little things" were totally off.  They left tape on the bottom of my car where they had to tape off some of the siding.  Never mentioned you couldn't put your car through the wash for about a month (lucky Bryan called).  Over painted on my back tires.  And did put my sun visor back on my car along with not giving me back the screws they used to take it off.  I know that these are little things, and I should be glad that my car looks new for a 9ish year old car, but come on, I use that sun visor to find my car in parking lots and did he really think I was going to know what kind of screw it was that went into the sun visor.  I am sure if I was a man I'd know the screw size and have one in my house, but I'm not a man!!

But for the rest of Satruday and Sunday Bryan and I left it pretty up in the air.  Bryan finally got his new bumper (which weighed 1,000 lbs (kidding)) on his Land Rover and his truck is now looking pretty again.  You would think driving a Rover they would use a nice solid bumper not a cheap plastic one that falls apart after a few years.  It blows my mind how much lighter his old stock bumper was.  I was able to lift it myself.  But when I recieved the new fance bumper from UPS, I had to have the UPS driver and one of our pressmen help me get it into my moms car (another reason I was driving her pilot last week).  
Crap Plastic Bumper

New Fance Bumper

Him and I went to the UGA booksore and I picked out some T-shirts for the games and to lounge around his house in.  We also picked out for my neices birthday a UGA jersey and beads so when she is watching UGA football with her Daddy (who is a HUGE UGA fan) she can match his outfit.  Bryan also picked out some things from the book store.  I am not sure where he plans on wearing all of this black and red stuff, since we will be going to to Georgia Southern for a lot of their football games!  While we were not out buying black and red nonsence and fixing our cars we watched the Braves, some Nascar (which I beat his butt in our nascar pool) and caught up on some TV.  It was a great weekend for him and I just to chill and hang out, especially with the next 4 weeks will be GO-GO-GO
  • Military Family Weekend and my Neices b-day in Savannah
  • Atlanta for Bryans Birthday and Kellys Housewarming Party
  • Lake Weekend with my Georgia Southern Friends
  • RNRC in Alabama with Jen 
 Phew! I'm already exhausted thinking about the next few weekends!  
I hope everyone had as good of a weekend as I did!


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