Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Widespread Wednesday 7.11.12

Happy Wednesday Y'all!  Its the middle of the work week and already it feels like this week has been dragging on.  Last weekend was a pretty relaxing weekend, as you read in yesterdays post.  This next weekend is going to be a little busy if I do say so myself.  But the things that I am wild about this Wednesday are....

This weekend is Family weekend from Bryan's Army Unit, based in Athens Georgia.  I know most people would not be as excited about going to a Family Day with their spouse, kids, significant other, boy or girl friend or heck even a family.  But this is the first time that I will be able to meet some of his Military buddies that he speaks so highly of. 
And of course I am excited because we get to go BOWLING with everyone, kids included.  I am really hoping that I enjoy my time with these men and women I am going to be meeting for the first time this weekend and hopefully since we all do live fairly close to each other get together more often then when Bryan goes to drill or does military related things with his Unit. 

Does it seam like everyone has a birthday in the month of July.  This year my group has 5 July birthdays.  I am not sure why there are so many summer birthdays or at lease we are celebrating so many summer birthdays this year. I am not complaining about celebrating birthdays because I love to party and have a good time but this month its just week after week after week!  On Sunday Bryan and I are going to be traveling to Savannah area to celebrate my niece's 3rd birthday!  It feels like just yesterday Alex and I were planning Cara's baby shower for Ms. AG!  I am excited to see everyone at her party.  And then next week we will be celebrating Bryan's Birthday and the week after we will have a group adult party at the lake for Alex, Nick and Michael!  Very excited about what that weekend is turning out to be!

What are you wild about this Wednesday!?!
Hope everyone is having a great afternoon!

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