Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Widespread Wednesdays - 6.6.12

I see all these people who do Thankful Thursdays and tell all about the great things that they are thankful for.  So I am going to attempt to start a new thing which I am going to call "Widespread Wednesdays".  It will be more or less the things that I am either really excited about this week or up-coming week.  It's going to be my jump start for maybe me to blog more often (which I have done two in the past 5 days and really proud of that) and a good way to start my phase into the weekend.  Hope you all enjoy!!

The first thing that I am really excited about this week is my date night.  The photo to the left is the Town Park, in Madison, Georgia that Bryan and I like to relax in after dinner.  The two of us (NERD ALERT) enjoy playing checkers, which he still will not let me win, sitting in the grass talking and a few weeks ago we actually saw a concert in the park.  The City of Madison did a great job with this green area and very happy that we have a nice quite place to sit and relax after our date nights!

 Number Two is my dirty little secret show, Pretty Little Liars which is starting season 3 on ABC Family on Tuesday nights. Kelly and I have read the books and I really think that if we lived closer together we would of be getting together on Tuesdays to watch this show.  The sad thing is that I know a ton of people watch this show that are my age give or take and will not admit it in normal conversation.  If your a reader and want to ever get into the show they the show just started the 3rd book.  The show does a great job on following the books, well at lease with the "major" parts of the books.  If your looking for something to read and or watch this summer I would totally recommend PPL! (as the kids call it these days).

The last thing that I am so excited about this Wednesday is the 5th season of True Blood.  (Man, what is with me and watching TV shows that are based off of books).  I know summer is in full gear when True Blood starts up on HBO.  To be honest I was not that thrilled with season four.  I did not follow the books as close as I wanted it to, unlike the first few season's.  But True Blood is still a must on my weekly summer TV list.  Hopefully I like this season, because books 5 and 6 were two of my favorite books besides the first two. So many twists and turns in this show I wish I believed in buying TV shows on DVD.  This is one I would love to watch again, to make sure I did not miss anything when the show originally aired.  Sunday night at 9pm you know what I will be doing and I am sure right after the show Cara and Ellen will be texting me "Did you see that" or an "OMG, next week is going to be crazy"

Happy Wednesday. 
Still debating about posting my "vent" post that I wrote last night. 


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