Friday, June 15, 2012

Purses... Purses and more Purses

Last night I had my heart broken... by a Prada tan leather shoulder bag.  My favorite purse finally bit the dust.  The woven leather shoulder strap broke off from the wear and tear this amazing purse had endured from almost the past 10 years.  It was my first Prada purse that had been purchase for me by my parents and or self. I actually think it may of been my graduation gift from high school.  It had traveled to Europe, been left at the bar in Chicago and returned to me a day later, been to many dry-cleaner to get the college bar smell out of the leather, sat on the hill at Paulson stadium for at lease 8 season of football, and broke a zipper in Costa Rica.  I was heart-broken when I finally realized it may be time to retire and i hate using the word "throw away" but maybe give the purse its proper resting spot.  I placed it in the cloth bag that I kept it in and I threw it away this morning.  I had a tear in my eye when I left the house this morning knowing that when I return Monday morning it will not in use every again. 

If you know me, i am sure your thinking Laura your nuts, I have seen your closet and most girls would die to have the purse collection you have.  Or my favorite from my parents; you know that you have two more 40 gallon Tupperware containers full of purses at our house, and little do they know i have 2 more also at my house.  (i think i may be a purse hoarder, but most of mine are classic Louis Vuitton or my two vintage Chanel bags which one was my dads mothers clutch).  I will keep you updated on purse search.  But right now I am attempting to work with a medium light pink Longchamp bag.  Which I found still in the bag from the Longchamp store in Chicago and the receipt was purchased Christmas Eve 2010. 

So now the quest of finding a new everyday tan purse has started.  I am sure I am going to have to keep in my mind that I will never find such a wonderful purse as my tan Prada purse but I will make it my goal this summer to look and buy one and hopefully it last at lease 10ish years and have as many good memories as I did with my Prada bag!

Happy Friday!

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