Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Retro Week on MTV!?!?

It has come to my attention via facebook that MTV is doing “retro weeks” this summer. This made me feel very old knowing that MTV considers shows like, Daria, Laguna Beach and the Hills as “retro”. I have already informed Kelly about this and we both agree we need to be at home watching all these shows together.  I should of known that this time was going to come seeing that they are playing Friends, Home Improvement and the Nanny all on Nick at Night, which were all classics when I was in elementary school and or middle school. Wow, I feel like I am dating myself in the post.  And for all you young-in's out there, the Jersey Shore will be the next to be "retro" on MTV, just give it a few years!!
I remember being in high school watching Daria with my friends in the basement while we having sleepovers at our parents houses after football game and concerts. It was the show that all 15-21 year old girls were able to agree on. It was about an outcast high girl and her friend Jane, and their days in high school.  She was portrayed as a sarcastic yet funny girl.  She said what she wanted and did not care what or who it might offend.  That is kind of my out-look on life still to this day. 

Then there was Laguna Beach. The first reality show that I can say I honestly got hooked on while I was in college. We use to have viewing parties at my house (remember I lived with 2 guys at the time who gladly gave the main TV over to have a Laguna Night at the house) with some of my girlfriends over to watch and then discus the show. It was like we connected with these teenagers in the "real OC" (which was also another show) and their life stories through out High School and first year or so in college. If there was a class offered in college about Laguna Beach I would have received an “A” in the class. 
And my all time favorite was the Hills, which was a spin off of Laguna Beach. I know for a fact that your going to think I am crazy for this. But Kelly and I use to get together every Monday night after we moved back to Atlanta after college to watch the Hills. We ate Mexican, watched Greek and the Hills together and of course had that shock look on our faces when LC left in the Limo from Heidi and Spencer's wedding and we were both very excited when Kristen came back (original cast member of Laguna Beach). Lame I know but it was the memories of being with my friend which made the show that much better!
Holy Cow! I am getting old! Happy Tuesday!

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