Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day 2012.
A day that we should all stop and think of the all of the men and women who are serving in any branch of the United States Military and of course the most important those who have lost their life's protecting our freedom.  Past and Future these men and women are the real hero's and who our children should be looking up to.  Yes, I am a total girl when I see the soldiers in the airport either leaving or coming home or when you see on the news when they are seeing their loved ones for the first time since leaving for the Middle East.

To be honest with you, I know three men who are in the military as of right now, but not that many who have served in the past.  My Cousin, Cary, who is a Marine and has fought for our freedom in both Gulf Wars.  My old roommate Kyle, who is a Marine and has been over seas three times for the second Gulf War, and my boyfriend, who is in the Army and has served once in the second Gulf War.  These three men I am sure have their fair of horrible stories from being over in Iraq fighting for our freedom, but what I love about both of them is that they are so humble from when people say "thank you" or how people appreciate what they do for our great country.  I wish that more people taught their children what it means to have our freedom and what family, friends and loved ones go through if their solider is over seas or if god for-bid does not come home during a time of war.  I wish more people looked up to these men and women and said thank you for their time served.   I am proud to be an American and am so thankful for the men and women who have serve their time in the United States Military.

Thank you again to all of the United States service men and women

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