Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Pending; pen-ding
1) while awaiting; until
2) in the period before the decision or conclusion of; during
1) remaining undecided; awaiting decisions or settlement; unfinished

This seven letter word is almost a four letter word in my week. There are so many things that can be pending...

A friendship
A relationship
A bank approval
A home sale
A transactions
School Grade
Patent's are always pending (yes I went there, I just couldn't help it)

It has been a few years that I have had any major pending "items" on my list. This item pending will not hurt me in any way what-so-ever.

Today I will be talking about a pending relationship i saw on Facebook Sunday. Seeing this pending relationship has already changed how I view this person. It doesn't matter if it gets accepted or not it is still a slap in the face that it was even asked! It's like you don't care about my feeling, and I'm sure if you read this you'd be upset.

This person had no idea how much their pending relationship is hurting a loved one. I hate that this one person has no idea that if their pending relationship is accepted that there whole world will change in a quick minute. It's funny how one swift press of a mouse or click on a tablet can change a real relationship. (damn social media).

I hope that if and when this pending relationship becomes accepted or declined the person who has asked will realize what a mistake they made, especially if it is approved!!

I'm trying not to let your pending life style get in my way but I do not like how your not accepting me when I have accepted you. (don't say I didn't try to warn you or try to get to know you)

Happy Pending Day!

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