Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Widespread Wednesday 6.20.12

 Today starts my second favorite time of the year... Summer!  Even though we have been popping top, playing in the lake and celebrated Memorial day which is usually the un-official start to summer summer has finally arrived.  No more complaining about 90* plus days, planning beach and lake trips with friends and family, grilling on the BBQ and watching the fire-files in the back yard. As a kid I loved swimming all day at the pool and walking home with the street lights came on around 8:45-9pm and then playing "ghost in the graveyard" until it was pitch black outside.  Then growing-up a little in college sitting on the deck at the bar watching the braves and having a beer.  Summer is just a stree-free time.  I hope that everyone has a wonderful first week of summer!!

My favorite summer holiday is the 4th of July.  I love watching fireworks in the night sky, being with family, watching the bike parade and city parade's drinking cold bud light and eating hot dogs and listening to patriotic music and I guess I just love the good ole RED WHITE AND BLUE and being American.  This 4th of July I kind of luck out. I get to go watch fireworks on the Lake Sinclair Saturday night and then in the park in Athens, Georgia on the actual Wednesday 4th of July and both times with Bryan! 

Since it is the summer and I can not already start talking about football season (75ish more days).  I am very excited that the summer Olympics are coming up in July.  It also gives me something to watch when I get home from work during the day and when the Braves are not on.  I love the Olympics because it gives us as a country something to rally around and talk about with people we may not know.  It also showcases sports that are not as mainstream as they should be.  Its knowing that people around the world all are watching the same race or meet you are.  Most of the stories of the athletics are inspirational on how they got to where they are now.  Its just a great site to see a country rallying for their athletes and friendly . 

What are your favorite things about the summer?? 

I'd love to hear them!

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