Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So What Wednesday

Attempting my first link up ever with  I hope that my attempt is not a failure.

  •  If I have already planned the next four months of my life
  • If I offend anyone on what I write about in my blog's.  It is my blog if you do not like it change your actions and you wont seam like such a witch
  • That I was on the phone with my best freind until 2am last night.  It was the best conversation i had with anyone all day let alone week
  • That i still think about the past and what I do not miss about it.  
  • If I am that much happier with out you!
  • I will be skipping out on the gym for the rest of the week 
  • If my b/f spoils me, get over it I like nice things!
  • That i want to see Magic Mike just for the guys (what girl doesn't lets be honest)

What are you "so whating" this Wednesday!

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