Thursday, June 21, 2012

Headache Help!?!

Have you ever had one of those days that you just want to be left alone. The work phone/email do not stop. Then once you get home the cell and or house line, texting, and social media will not stop beeping or ringing. Well I have had one of those days today. (Lucky the rumor is that a tower is down with Verizon right now and out going calls are not working).

Bryan can over last night because it was date night and him and I went out to Bone Island Grille in Eatonton and then has fro-yo in Milledgeville. But when we got back to the house I horrible headache. I should of known that when I woke up with a headache the day was going to go downhill. Went to work, made it through most the day, Bryan sent me beautiful flowers because I wasn't feeling good, and then when I got home the cell phone and social media would not stop; which made my head hurt even more.

I really just need some time alone and not being bothered for a few hours. I want to sit in the dark (because that helps my headaches) watch tv and pop some ibuprofen to feel better. I'm sure people do not understand that I do not want to be social after work some days. I can't wait until the weekend to try and de-stress myself. Hopefully Bryan will take me and get a pedicure, let me sleep in and maybe watch movies or go get some sun on the lake.

Anyone have any good times on headache or stress relief? Willing to take any suggestions.

Less then 24 hours until the weekend!

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