Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Friendship Attemps

I'm not trying to toot my own horn but I can honestly say that most people like me. I am a pretty amazing friend, a good listener, always there for them and I like to think Id do anything for any one of my best friends! But right now I am having a hard time getting this one person to at lease give me a chance or even a glance into their life.

I've tried talking with her when we are together, be friended her on social media, and have attempted to just straight up get to know her. I've asked questions about every aspect of life. I don't think once she ever asked how I feel about things or hell what my favorite color is!!

I'm not going into detail about anything else but my heart is broken that I cannot get a friendship to bloom. It's not that I need any new or anymore friends but but this one persons friendship kind of means something to me. Unfortunately my gut is telling me to give up on this but my head is telling me not to.

Torn, undecided and looking for answers

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