Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Widespread Wednesday 6.27.12

Hey Y'all!  Happy Wednesday!  I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day!!  The past week has been a really productive.  I've been thinking and planning a lot this past week and very excited about the outcome of the some of the planning. 
This last weekend Jen and I planned our annual Red Neck Raft Club (RNRC) weekend in Pell City Alabama,  It will be the first weekend of August and I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off from work to have a full time weekend with one of my best friend.  I am so excited about finally having some girl time with Jen.  When Jen and I get together it is more then chaos.  We will be soaking up the sun on our floats and drinking beer with the best of them.  I am sure we will go into 'Dega hopefully go to the racetrack and hang out with some of the local's.  I hope that we can make it to Hur-icanns and play some beer pong and hopefully win this summer.  

So last week on my Wednesday post I wrote about more or less all the things I loved about the summertime.  And I forgot about watermelon.  Bryan and I bought a watermelon from one of the local farmers in Eatonton.  I am pretty sure that over the past few days I have eaten my weight in watermelon.  We cut up the whole watermelon and that was an adventure in itself.  I did not want Bryan to even take any home with him.  I still have two more huge Tupperware bowls full of watermelon left  in the fridge and it is still only Wednesday! 

I have also had this dream about going on another Disney Vacation!  I really need a vacation!  Every time I try and plan something, life always seams to get in the way.  And I am sick of it!!  I keep thinking that going out of town would be one of the best ways for me to kind of calm down and pretend to be a kid again.  I have been so much to be stressed out about all the little things I think I just need some time to relax, laugh and be a kid.  When Kelly and I went in May of 08 we had a blast.  I am hoping that Bryan will read this and maybe want to go with me in October for a few days.  But I know with School and Football season it will be the last thing on his priority list, since October is a busy month for us.

The last thing I am wild about this week is the world "LOVE."  After the quite weekend Bryan and I had (our plans did not work our with my girlfriends due to an emergency surgery) I know that he is the one for me.  I think that everything we have right now is perfect.  I absolutely hate being away from him during the week when we can not see each other.  I love every second we are together.  He made me feel so special last week when he had flowers sent to my office and when he came into town even thought I did not feel good!  He is so wonderful to me.  I can not get enough of him!!  I am so glad that we found each other the way we did.  I do not know what I would do with out him.  I am in love wit that man he is my world and I hope I am his!

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