Thursday, June 28, 2012

Weather and annoyance!

Guess what?!?
It's hot everywhere in the United States, especially in the South! But taking a photo of your car thermometer and or a screen shot of your phone's weather app is not going to make it any cooler. For all you people posting photos, I am sure you were also bitching when it was "cold" in the south. Stop complaining and taking useless photos and blowing up my timeline. It's the summer. You asked for it in January and now its kicking your butt in June!! It's going to get hot when the earth is closest to the sun or you can blame Al Gore and his "global warming theory" if you believe in that! When you start complaining about the cold next winter I will make sure I remind you all about the 104* weather July 4th weekend 2012!

Enjoy the weekend and the heat!

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