Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A VENT for the ages....

Right now it's Tuesday night around 11:30, Sports Centers on and I'm trying to catch up on my favorite teams and their scores. I am sure that its going to be a two-parter, due to the fact I am crazy tired. I have been contemplating posting this blog all day. I am sure that it is probably not going to come off the way I want it to, but guess what I don't care. This may be the vent of the ages and something that my mom and I spoke about this weekend. So here it goes... Here is some background on the situation...

To be honest with you I grew up truly blessed. A great family atmosphere (my parents have been married for 35+ years) not sure if you can say in the church but we went more or less every weekend, and was given every opportunity to try a musical instrument, art/painting, sport and or anything else a teenage was able to be interested in that particularly week. I was lead to believe (or some may call it sheltered) that every 16-17 year old received a new car on their birthday, college was paid by parents and 100% of your graduated class went to college (working for a year or two was not heard of). Yes, now that I am saying this I was totally sheltered when growing up and the first few years in college, but I have been given my own hand. Dealt with the pain, surgeries suffering, but I was able to over came it all. But now I can say that I worked hard in college, graduated with honors, worked 30+ hours a week while in college (even though I did not have to), found a job, bought a house and living what I like to think is the good life.

So I am sure your saying, Laura what the hell are you trying to get it in this vent. Well here you go...

I am so sick of people complaining about how awful their life is. I'm sorry that you were not given the same opportunities as some were but a lot of people have it much worse. Maybe if you did not par-take in "extra activities" in your personal life you may of finished up college or not still sitting in class with 18 year olds. You wouldn't be living in your parents basement job-less because you can't pass a drug test, background check, credit check, and or know how to interview for a job. You/We are almost 30 years old it is time to grow up. You should of grown up 3-5 years ago after your parents pulled you out of college the first time because your partying was out of control, your grades sucked or you just lost motivation. Yes I understand we all take different paths in life, but your life sucking is your fault. You had a good thing a few years ago but your actions proved you couldn't hold on to it (hence why we broke up).

Complaining about the things you did wrong, quitting a job before you found a new one, having a family that you can't afford and then praying/asking God to make it all right is disgusting especially asking for it on social media. Your talks to God are a one on one talks. Not all 50 of your Facebook friends / Twitter followers need to know your dirty laundry. That is why prayer is usually silent and not done with others. And I'm sure you have never stepped foot into a church in your life your just doing for sympathy.

Maybe one day. I will be able to use your name in normal conversation with out cringing or be able to go out in town with not having to watch my back. Life is that much better with out you around. And there are plenty of people will agree with me I am 100% better off with out you around.

So it's Wednesday night and I think I got out what I wanted to and needed to. If not I will do it all again until I feel better about the situation. I hope one day realize that this is about you and it slaps you in the face, especially when you read how happy I am in now that your gone. Adios "friend" hope I never see you again!


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