Monday, January 7, 2013

Out with the OLD and in with the....

2013... dang where has the time gone.  I mean your only 7 days old and I still am procrastinating on a "New Years Resolution" (which I have never ever ever stuck too)!  I guess that this year will be the year of the procrastinator in me or will it be the year of sticking and holding onto the old.  I know that most people like to think... A NEW YEAR A NEW ME.  But what if you loved everything that has happen or you have done the past year?!?

As I sit here thinking about all the what ifs that may happen this year.  Then I think about all the wonderful things that happen in 2012 and I realize that 2012 was a AWESOME year!  There were some highlights (my birthday weekend, football season, summer by the lake) and of course some rock bottom times (especially when my grandmother died) but a lot more highs then lows! Bryan and I's relationship is stronger then ever.  I have the best friends a girl can have.  I am so happy with my job.  I think I have a pretty damn good life (in my opinion).  I don't think that I want the old to leave; I want it to stick with me for the next few forever's! 

 I know that there are a few things that I need to work on this year which include:
  1. Eating Right (always)
  2. Exercise More (isn't it normal to put this as a resolution)
  3. Stay in touch (not just stalking them on facebook) with friends and family
  4. Try and experience new things
  5. Be open to those who want to help with the little things aka don't be so hard-headed!
  6.  Be open to meeting new people
  7. Trying to update my blog a lot more (at lease 3 times a week) 
But doesn't every one think they need to work out more or eat better!?!?  If I can attempt to stick with those 7 things I think 2013 will be a little more exciting and a lot more open to new adventures!

I'm ready to plan some adventures for 2013!!  Hopefully New Orleans is on the radar for November!  Is there anything that you are looking forward to doing this year?!?!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful first full week of 2013 and had a wonderful (late) Holiday Season

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  1. Great goals! I love fresh starts. I found your blog through the blog hop. I'm a new follower. Hope you'll stop by sometime!