Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happies & Crappies #1

Join The Vintage Modern Wife & Scissors and a Whisk for their Friday blog link up- Happies & Crappies!I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs and came across a new link up called Happies & Crappies put on by The Vintage Modern Wife.  This is the first week of this link-up and I am so excited that I found it and hope that every one goes and links up!  And lets be honest. the button is wicked cute and totally caught my attention because of the glitter!!

  1.  Bryan got his new car last week!!  Sally the Sorento is officially the newest member to the household.  I was so worried that things were going to take forever (you know how car shopping is), but it didn't and I would go back and highly recommend Bulldog Kia in Athens, GA. They made purchasing the car easy and I LOVE easy!
  2. The cold weather.  Now I know that most southern girls complain about the cold weather.  I am not a HUGE fan of the colder weather, but living on the lake we always need a few good colf freezes to kill off the mosiquot's.   I will take a few nights of cold for less bugs over the summer any time
  3. The Amy Winehouse Pandora Station:  It made me fall back in love with her all over again.  Another life lost to soon.  
  4. Pitch Perfect!!  If you have not see this movie go and redbox it!  It is crazy funny!  Get your girlfriends together, sing and laugh the whole movie.
  5. Justin Timberlake's newest song!  So so so happy he is finally going to bring sexy back and release new music!
  1. Negative People:  I am so sick of people complaining about how "hard" they have it!!  Do something (like get a real job) instead of sitting at home watching soap operas, tweeting and complaining about being broke!
  2. The flu/cold or whatever is going around and work.  I am by far not a germ-a-phob and I do not believe in getting shots for the flu so I am hoping that I am not going to get what is passing around
  3. Not working for a bank and or having a government job.  Mostly because I do not want to go to work on Monday and all my friends are off because of the MLK day holiday.  
Hope everyone is having a good weekend even though it is flying by (like always).  Don't forget to link up and I can't wait to read what everyone's Happies & Crappies are!! 



  1. Thanks for linking up with us!
    I love cold weather and I love it because partly of the lack of bugs :D

    I hope you don't get sick! I don't get the shot either and seems like everyone around me is getting sick as well.

    by the way Im'm not sure if you knew, but you have word verification turned on which makes it a bit more difficult to comment <3

  2. hey girlie thanks so much for participating in our link up! we are so glad you joined :) congrats on the new car. i'm going to be in the market for a new car in june so you'll have to let me know how you like it. i'm with ya on the Amy Winehouse pandora. i really like that station too.

    oh and i didn't get my shot either so i hope you don't get it either! luckily i've just gotten a cold but i'm over it now.

    anyway, hope you'll join us again next week on friday!

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