Tuesday, January 8, 2013

10 on Tuesday

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Good Afternoon!  This Tuesday I am linking up with Linny's Vault's for 10 on Tuesday. It's been a Pandora/semi-slow day at work so here goes nothing!

Pretty Little Liars
1.  Pretty Little Liars is back!!!

2.  My new I-phone and case. I finally joined the cool kid club

3.  Emailing Kelly.  I am glad that we have modern forms of communication between us.

4.  It's official next week I will be starting couch to 5k.  (If anyone knows a good app on the Iphone please let me know!!!)

5.  Today's Country and Angie Aparo station on Pandora.  I could go all day listening those stations.

6.  This morning I found my college old favorite pair of earrings.  I thought I lost them in the lake a few summer ago.  Low and behold they were in the box where they should of been.   (my mom would of be proud I put something back where it belongs)
Jolly Rancher candies
7.   Jolly M-F'ing Ranchers!!  I am addicted! 

8.  Kimya's baby.  (rant please watch out)  I am so sick and tired of hearing about this baby!  I will admit I do watch Keeping up with the Kardashians when its on re-run or its a slow weekend on TV.  But I feel so bad for Khloe.  She is the only one of the three older sisters that "did it right" (got married first) and she can not get preggers.  God sometimes has some serious plans for people.  

9.  Knowing that I get to see my BFF Rose this weekend makes me happy

10.  Miranda Lambert "Mama's broken heart" I wish I had heard this song about a year ago.  It would of been my theme song for a certain person.  - (There is no official video, but I love the song!!)

Hope everyone enjoys my 10 on Tuesday.  What are your favorite things that are going on this week??  


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