Monday, January 28, 2013

Manners and Etiquette

Over the past few weeks I feel like I have been an etiquette Nazi with certain things.  Don’t get me wrong I am no where near up to Emily Post standards but I have read the two of her books on etiquette.  I am not sure if I am just old fashion when it comes to some of the things about manners and etiquette but don’t get me wrong a nice thank you note is always greatly appreciated.  My biggest pet-peeves about manners and etiquette are:
  1. Putting a napkin on your lap when eating:  I have been taught this since I was a little girl, I even put my napkin on my lap when were eating at McDonald's.  I don’t want to watch you wipe your hands and see the paper napkin falling over the salsa we are sharing at the table.  Yes, if you have food on your face please wipe it but don’t put your used napkin on the table when were eating
  2. A Thank-you note goes along way:  My parents have pushed into my head that you always write a thank you note for even the smallest gifts or if you go to a friend/families house for a dinner or extended stay.  I have been to a handful of weddings, showers and or birthday get together that I have not received a thank you note for either the gift.  And believe me it always get’s brought up between me and my other etiquette Nazi friend.
  3. The Double-Dip:  Yes I know that this is an infamous Seinfeld episode but if your not Kin or dating the people you are sharing a dip with only put your chip in once.  It’s simple people, either take a bite size chip and dip or pick your chip, dip your chip and then take two bites of your chip.
  4. Cell Phone Usage:  I know we are all guilty of being on our phones either talking, texting, tweeting and or  facebooking.  But if you are with people in a small social gathering do not be on your phone.  If you would rather be texting someone who is not there maybe you should of made plans with them and not the people you are with.  The worse is when you are in the car with someone, you’re the driver and the passenger is caring on a phone conversation and or texting nonstop.  Its rude!
  5. Social Media:  Facebook and Twitter are huge with everyone, except for parents and I would like to keep it that way.  But posting ever little thing you do, place you visit and TV show you are watching is crazy and secretly know one really cares.  Unless your somewhere different or far away land/country.  If your going to write a status and I have to “continue reading” I usually know that it is not really that important.  Or heck if you do it every day, start a blog!  I understand that your child drank through s straw for the first time or your dog is cuddling with the cat, but I do not really need to see 1 millions photo’s of it.   When did Facebook become “brag book’.   (As you can tell I do not have any children or pets and I hope and pray that if I do have either of the two I will only post a photo here and there. 
  6. Profanity:  Most of us do go through that phase of curse that and f that and she’s such a B.  But once you hit that 25+ year old mark most people stop it with being ever other word.  I absolutely hate hearing people curse in public.  Yes, you may say “shit or something else” if you stub your toe in public.  But if your going to talk like a sailor in public get on the ship with them or keep it at home. 
  7. PDA:  Once again were all guilty of stealing a kiss or a hug from a significant other when out in public.  But seeing people full on make out, looking like they are going to eat each other is gross.  And yes seeing it is gross, but hearing about what your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife is going to do with you when you walk in the door or when the two of you get home is even grosser.  I do not want to ever hear or even think of getting a mental picture of that.  I don’t care how cute of a couple you are!  Sex and other relations is a personal thing lets all keep it that way!
  8. Parenting:  I am not sure how to exactly go about this subject, since I am childless, but as an observer...  I absolutely hate seeing children run around the grocery store or restaurant with mom and or dad yelling at he child.  Then the child sass's back at them like an adult would do.  Finally the parents laugh at the child like it is all right for them to talk to their elders like that!  In my opinion, its parents that lack discipline or they encourage their child’s horrible behavior.  These children as they turn into adults will end up grow up rude and ungrateful and expect everything to be handed to them.  If I ever sassed back that my parents like some of the kids do, I would have been taken out of the restaurant and probably given a light spanking or put into timeout in the car. 
    Are there any manners or etiquette that you see with friends, family and or the general public that drives you crazy?  

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