Thursday, January 10, 2013

Its OK Thursdays

This Thursday I am linking up with Neely and Amber, with their "It's OK" Thursdays.  Hope everyone's week isn't going as cra-cra as mine is, because; Holy Crap! I am so happy that today is Thursday! This has been the weeks or weeks! We have been crazy busy at work with the beginning of the year orders. Personal life has been a little hectic too. Bryan's truck more or less died on us last night so we are going to be buying a new car tonight (hopefully, it has to happen today or tomorrow).
Its Ok Thursdays 
Here goes nothing!
It's Ok...
To go home and cry after a long day of work (this was my first time in 4 years with this ever happening to me)
To be scared to make a huge purchase, like a car
To want to have some "alone time" after the wicked crazy holiday rush
To over think things!!
To not BELIEVE in the flu shot!!! 
To keep secrets about yourself....
To not be in a rush to get married and or have kids, everyone has a different path in life!!
To dream in color!
To sing really loud at work when no one is here
To still go on daddy-daughter dated when your 29 years old
To be heartbroken from losing an important and significant piece of jewelry.
To send hint's for valentine days presents
Happy Friday Eve to you all and please keep good  thoughts about B and I this evening when were at the car dealership and the new car (still not going to curse us on what we want and hope to get) works out!


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