Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Widespread Wednesday 8.1.12

Happy Hump Day Y'all.  Hope everyone is having a good day so far.  Lets be honest here the morning was a lot more stressful then the afternoon, hence my post around lunch time.  I feel like this week has been as wild as I need it to be so some of my favorite things this week are kind of out there.  Please bare with me my ADD has totally kicked in while thinking about this post.  

It is back to school time.  I do not have any kids that I am going out buying new school clothing and supplies but it feels like a lot of my friends are.  This morning I woke up to at lease 4 of my friends on face book posting photos of their kids first day of **insert grade here **.  It blows my mind thinking that some of my friends have kids in 1st grade.  Holy Crap!  Am I the only late 20-something left that is not married, has a child and or did not do it in that order!! Since I live in a college town I can tell the student's ares starting to come back into town and I am sure the grocery stores and walmart will start being packed.  Now that the sales are starting to come in I have found not that it is back to season I have gotten some killer deals on some personal art supplies, new shoes and also clothing!  
But also with it being so hot outside we have been watching a lot of TV, and Target is killing it with the back to school commercials.  From the teachers singing (which makes me giggle every time) to the students getting their acceptance letters to college their commercials have been tugging at my heart stings.  I wonder if all teachers are like that before starting school, because I do not think any of my friends write songs about school supplies.  I can not wait to see what Target has up their selves for Christmas commercials, because that one lady is killer who they casted.  

Speaking of watching a lot of TV... It is finally Olympic time!  I have been so excited about the Olympics the past few weeks.  I really think that the United States should shut down during the games so that we can all watch and cheer on our athletics.  I mean, its I really am working when the games are on.  Especially when I am watching it live on TV.  I think the Today show had a stat that employers will lose 10 hours or production time a week while the games are on.  The best part of the Olympics are being able to watch sports that I never get to see and learn about all the rules.  I really think that after watching fencing the other night I could do a great job either being a fencer or an announcer.  Knowing all of the terms and moves... Watch out Rio 2016 Laura is will be on the top of her game in the fencing competition.

 Now that football season is 30 days away (at lease today) we have been trying to figure out some new games for tailgating.  Their has been a few of us that want to make a life size Jenga set for our tailgating spot.  (if any one has made one and have a few tips please let me know)  A few of us saw one when we went to an away game at Wofford a few years ago but we have not had enough room the past few years to build one, but this year may be the time!  Hopefully in 30 days a few of us can make 50 pieces to have a good set!  I am sure this is not going to be the best game to have around the kids but the will learn how to play at a young age!  Maybe we can teach the kids out to set it up after we are done playing!  I will totally keep you all updated on the process of building the set.

Sorry for the ADD!  Hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics as much as I am!
2 more days until Alabama!!

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