Friday, August 24, 2012

Retirement... this one is dedicated to my mom

Retirement, it is what most of our parents have either reached or in just a few more years until they reach that status that they have been saving and working towards for 30-50 years of their life's.  My dad has been retired now for the past 2 to 3 years from a major cell phone provider.  But this past week my mother has finally retired after 45+ years at her job.

She has been working for the airlines as a flight attendant.  It is the only job she has ever had, besides some part-time jobs in high school and college.  She started with this one and only airline that she has worked for before she met my dad, almost quit because my dad asked her to marry him and back in the late 70's you could not be married and be a flight attendant, and I still remember her getting ready for her "weigh-in's" when I was younger.  She was able to work full time, commute to another city to start her trips all while raising 2 kids and having a social life. My mom did mostly international trips after we moved to Atlanta, which means she was gone for 2-4 days a week on her trip and then she would have to commute to and from Chicago to Atlanta.  (How many kids can say their parents take a airplane for their weekly commute). The two question everyone asks me when they find out what my mom does for a living was Do you get to fly for free (yes I did until I was 26 years old) or Where all have you been in the world? (all over the place, naming to locations would be a whole other post)

This past week she got to do her last trip to Beijing, China with two of her best friends that are also retiring this year.  She actually started training with these two women and they have remained friends since.  ** warning, this is probably the most romantic thing my dad has ever done since they have been married ** But this last time was special.  She did not know that my dad was going to be on the plane with her.  He surprised her by being a passenger on her last flight.  He had this planned for months with her friends.  They were able to spend time together in the city that he proposed to her in one last time, unless they decided to ever go over there on vacation.  I wish that I was able to be their on the flight with him and her.
My dad also bought her the SUV that she has wanted for years but with a family she was never able to get it because of the "space" issue.  He had it all wrapped up in the garage when she got home with a big fancy bow on top.  (I told him to pull out the Lexus Christmas commercial since that is what he bought for her) Exact same SUV, but in black, it does not snow in Atlanta and I am sure my mom wishes that my dad had that much dark hair on his head.  But my dad said she was more excited that he was on her flight then getting her new car.  I hope that she does enjoy the rest of her non-working years and has plenty of memories with my dad, brother, her friends and me and spends a lot of time on the golf course with my father!

All of this retirement talk has had me thinking about where I see myself in 30-40 years.... I still have no idea, but I hope it is with someone special, living in a nice house, on the outskirts of the city and with one child... two if that someone special wants a second and just enjoying life.


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