Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans 2.22-24.13 Chocolate Covered Bacon??

Happy Monday Y'all  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  I am linking up with Sami Shenanigans and her Weekend Shenanigans link up.  This past weekend has been really low key.  It finally stopped raining in Georgia for a nice sunny day on Sunday for the Dayton 500.  

On Friday I came up to Athens to visit with Bryan.  We did not do much Friday night.  We did go out and celebrate national Margarita Day on Friday with everyone else in Athens and lovers or Margaritas.  

On Saturday we had a little bit more of an adventurous day after we cleaned the house while the rain fell.  We went out to dinner at Mirko, which is a create your own pasta place.  You are able to pick the type of pasta, ravioli or gnocchi and then the sauce you would like on it and they make it fresh for you.  Bryan and I had a bowl fill of mussels filled with a white wine and lemon sauce.  It was to die for!!  

The craziest think we did on Saturday night was make chocolate covered bacon.  Yes we went a little crazy and tried something totally new.   It was actually really simple.  We fried some bacon (I think the next time we will bake it) and then used out fondue pot to melt dark chocolate mixed with sea salt, dipped the bacon in the chocolate and then gave it at shot of sea salt again.  It was exactly what you would think.  Salty, Sweet and Savory.  We will totally have to try it again with some milk chocolate and maybe some toasted almost on top.  
On Sunday we ended up making it a very relaxing day, we went to lunch had Oyster Rockefeller, Salmon Egg's Benedict and came home and watched the Daytona 500, which Jimmy Johnson won an I ended up coming up on top right now with our Nascar pool B and I do each season.  

I hope that everyone had as good of a weekend as I did.  Next weekend I know its going to be a little more exciting, I am going to spend it with Kelly and have a girls weekend with hopefully lots of Margaritas!!  



  1. Chocolate covered bacon?! That is pretty adventurous :) Thanks for linking up!

  2. I had no idea national Margarita Day was on Friday