Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans 2.15-17.13

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This weekend was a weekend of trying new things, when it comes to watching a new TV show, eat a new restaurant or even listen to a new station on the XM we were determined to try something new.  This weekend we tried new restaurants instead of the same old one’s we eat at every weekend.  So this weekend I... 

Bryan and I celebrated valentines day weekend part duex since Thursday night was a complete and utter blow up, which is a completely different blog post if and when I can write about it.  But I did get an amazing gift from him, a new bubble gum pink coach purse and I can not wait to break it out and all the haters be jealous!  

On Friday Bryan and I went up to the Mall of Georgia and he picked out his Valentines day gift, which was a new wallet from coach, we ate dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill for our Valentines Date and I made him, no wait actually forced him to try bison anything on the menu, which he liked a lot! 
Side Note  **Oh and while we are trying new things: we had this amazing waiter at Ted’s Friday night and him and I were talking about bacon and cooking, (we more or less became bff’s instantly with our love of bacon) and I told him about some of our bacon experiments we have tried and he said he is starting his own line of chocolate covered bacon and he brought some out for us.  OH MY GOD!  it was freakin’ amazing.  The bacon was dipped in a dark chocolate and it had a caramel glaze and sea salt on top of it.  My mouth is drooling thinking about it again!  **
On Saturday I was actually able to sleep in and when I mean sleep in I slept until 11:30.  It was the most amazing feeling in the whole world.  We did a very late lunch and ate a Peruvian restaurant in Athens called Rustica.  B and I shared a sea food platter.  There was fried and steamed calamari, shrimp, crab with an out of this world ceviche dip. 

After lunch we went to the UGA GymDawg meet against Florida.  It is so different watching gymnastics' in real life then on TV when it is on for the Olympics or qualifying for the Olympics.  These girls are amazing and the atmosphere that the students bring makes the meets so much fun. 

On Sunday we went compete opposite from our normal Zaxbys breakfast (yes, they serve breakfast at our zax’s locations)  went and tried the Porterhouse Grill for breakfast brunch. One of our friends said that we should go out there for dinner one night and after checking out the menu we saw brunch and we were sold for Sunday!! They have a complete southern breakfast buffet, salad bar, carving, pancake and omelet stations and a few other of their “top sellers” they want to feature on Sunday.   It was probably the best breakfast I have had in a long time, besides when my dad made waffles over Christmas time.  If you are ever in the Athens area on Sunday morning 11am-2pm go to the Porterhouse downtown on Broad Street.  It was killer!  Then we went to Lowes, I day-dreamed on what granite I would want and the shade of hardwoods in my living room, then came home and relaxed and watched The Amazing Race.  
I hope that everyone had a wonderful valentines days and a great weekend.  I can not wait to read about what everyone did this weekend!

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