Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesdays Tunes - Angie Aparo and Fiona Apple

I am a total music freak.  I am constantly singing, humming, making up my own songs, listening to my iPod, Pandora or random music I find on YouTube.  There are some nights after work, when I need to collect my thoughts and calm down I will go through my old CD collection (from before I got my first ipod in 2001), download the CD on ITunes and sit there and enjoy the music.  Sometimes there is that one song or lyric may put a smile on your face or relate to what you may be pondering over day or the past week.      

That is why I am so excited that I have finally found a Music Link up, I feel like I have been waiting for one to pop-up on my blogger feed for weeks now.  I recently started following Lauren, and saw that she was hosting Tuesday Tunes.  I also started following Holli and so excited about Tuesday Tunes link-up!!  

I am really into two different songs this week:

Angie Aparo "Wonderland"
"And I live forever dark and damned
To see you spend one minute
In Wonderland"

I wish that there was a "real" music video for this song.  I think that this is a beautiful song.  Makes me wish that there were more singer/songwriters out there who write and sing from the heart and have the passion like Angie Aparo.  I have seen him perform this song before and you can tell that he is so passionate about what and or who he is singing about.  If you have never heard of Angie Aparo look him up his music is wonderful.  

The second song I can not get out of my head is (yes this is a huge turn):

Fiona Apple "Criminal"
"But I keep livin' this day like the next will never come"

Oh Fiona Apple!  Any late 20-something hears those first few notes of the song and has to automatically sing this song.  I love her, her voice, the music that she picks for her albums.  The first time I heard this song I was hooked and I call this my "American Idol" song.  (If I ever had the guts to try out for AI this would of been the song I would have sang.) I remember when this song and CD, yes CD, came out I was hooked.  I feel that this is the ultimate betrayal/take me back song.  

I can't wait to read every one's elses Tuesday Tunes to see they are jamming to this week and hopefully find some new music to listen to.  

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