Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's OK Thursdays....

Its Ok Thursdays

Happy Friday eve Everyone!!  This afternoon I am going to be linking up with Amber and Neely with "Its OK Thursdays"  Its going to be short and sweet, but lets get down to the okaying....

It’s ok ....
  • to dream especially in certain colors
  • to be excited for Halloween even though you are not a child anymore
  • to have a little bit of stress everyday, it makes life exciting
  • that I made my own Halloween costume this year (yes I will post a blog after our party)
  • be excited that ex’s are out of your life
  • to be a little dramatic
  • to be thankful for everything that has happen in a year's time
  • to want and think you deserve expensive/nice things every once in a while
  •  to refer to your Hollywood Crush as your future ex husband due to you know that you would not like the life style of being famous forever
  • that I was a little late to work due to Pintresting this morning 
  • to dream about having a dog when deep down you know its not the right move
  • to think people who take "Instagram" photos of any meal are dumb.  (I sure hope that it taste better then it looked with that filter) 
  • to stop, take a deep breath and enjoy the sunshine 
What are you "Ok" with this Thursday?!?
 - Laura

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