Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Update... Thursday and Friday

Good Monday Afternoon!!  Sorry that it has been a while from my last post.  It has been a really busy the past few weekend.  I still have not posted about the Halloween party Bryan and I went to but I guess that will be in a later post.  And then to top it all off we took a long weekend to celebrate our one year anniversary of dating. 

The weekend started on Halloween which was Wednesday and the day that Bryan and I like to say is our "dating" Anniversary.  We kept it low key since we had a big weekend planed for the two of us.  Him and I went to dinner and then passed out candy to the kids that live in my neighborhood.  While hanging out we watched some TV and packed up for our weekend trip to southeast Georgia.

Thursday when Bryan and I drove down to Statesboro and Savannah where we split up the time with together time and football time.  Our first stop was to Statesboro to pick up football tickets for my parents to the GSU vs App State game and we did our damage at the bookstore before it was to busy on game day.  After our brief time on campus we went to the Beaver House and had lunch.  Best restaurant in Statesboro, GA!  It is considered a family style restaurant and they bring all the southern goodness to your table and when you run out of a certain item you can have a second order.  OMG, I miss going there on Sundays with the girls or on Wednesdays with Jason and Kyle when we were in college.  If you are ever in Statesboro go to the Beaver House!!

Thursday night we stayed in Savannah at the Double Tree (and we had a balcony on the top floor, it was a great view from the top) and Bryan had a night out planned for us.  He had made dinner reservation at the Melting Pot for dinner.  I had never been there before and it was just down the ways from our Hotel.  After a delicious and crazy filling dinner we went to my favorite bar for drinks in Savannah called Rocks on the Roof which is on top of one of the hotels on River Street.

On Friday we woke up and went to brunch at Huey's on River Street and walked around downtown to waste some time before we had to picked up some seafood I had ordered for the weekend and tailgating.   We made our way from Savannah back to Statesboro and stopped at camping world to take a look at some pull behind trailers for tailgating and camping int he next few years.  We finally checked into hotel number 2 for the remaining days of our vacation and a great football weekend!!  Can't wait to tell you all about the awesome Friday and Saturday we had in Statesboro while catching up with old friends and watching football!

- Laura

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