Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall Fun!!

The month of October.  One of my favorite months because of all the FUN FALL FESTIVITIES that happen in the area.  The past few weekend Bryan and I have been participating in some different fall activities:

Bryan and I drove up to Dawsonville, GA and went to the corn maze and pumpkin patch.   We had perfect fall-like weather for the windows and sun roof to be open.  Mid 70's low 50's perfect jean and shirtsleeve weather.  We took the "back roads" to Uncle Shucks.  It was a beautiful drive from Athens.  We even took a little detour to Dahlonega to drive up in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains.

Bryan Driving thinking his "Tractors Sexy"

When we made it to the corn maze we did all three corn mazes on the property.  I honestly thought that these mazes were going to be for the kids and really easy to figure out.  I was just hoping to spend some time outside with B.  But I'm not going to lie, if I didn't have Bryan with me I would still be lost in the first maze.  I could not figure out the map for the life of me and got really frustrated.  And I am usually good at reading maps in the car or on the boat when we are in a new territory or going off the beaten path.  We also took a look at the pumpkin patch but most of the "good" ones were already taken and I wanted more then a baby pumpkin.  I was perfectly happy with everything that we did that day and it crossed off many things we wanted to do this fall before it got to cold to us Southerners.  

Happy Fall Y'all!

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