Friday, October 12, 2012

Birthday Weekend ... 25+4 = 29 (yikes)

Happy Friday Ladies and Gentlemen!!  Sorry I haven't updated in the past week or so but its been a crazy week and I've picked up my first cold of the year.  Hope that the first week of October is treating everyone well.  The temperate is kind of dropping (finally) and we are in the middle of football season.

So last Thursday was my birthday (i am almost not a 20-something anymore) and we celebrated all weekend long. Bryan planned a weekend trip for me in Atlanta. We went out to dinner in Athens on Thursday night just the two of us.  We went to the little Italian restaurant and then hung out at the house for the rest of the night.  On Friday we went to  my parents house and had lunch with them and my brother.  (yes we totally ate our way around Atlanta this weekend).  After lunch we made our way down to Atlantic Station.
Which if your not from the Atlanta area it is Atlanta's attempt to build a city within a city.  There is a Publix, Dillards, Ikea, all different types of retail stores, dinning, and a hotel (which is where we stayed).  For living around the Atlantic Station area there are condos single family homes, town homes and apartments.  All from the price range from first time home-buyers to OMG really!

We stayed at twelve the hotel on the Atlantic Station property in a two room suite with my best friend Ellen and her husband John.  The hotel room was beautiful, the boys did good as Ellen and I told our mom's.  We were in perfect walking distance to everything that we wanted to do and planned on eating.  On Friday night after Ellen and John made their way to the hotel we ate at Chow Baby in Atlanta.  I had never been there but it was a Mongolian BBQ where you pick your vegetables, meat and sauce and the chef cook's on a huge wok looking thing and then they bring it to you.  It is all you can eat, which one plate was more then enough for us all.  I would love to go back there and go when it is not so busy.

On Saturday we all went to lunch.  Ellen and I dropped off the boys off at "adult daycare" aka the bar and went shopping for new dresses and shoes for my "birthday dinner" on Saturday.  The boys met a great bartender and he made Ellen and I our favorite drinks that we had in Costa Rica.  It was like drinking Costa Rica in a glass!  It was perfect!

For dinner on Saturday we went to Strip which is also in Atlantic Station. The four of us met up with Kelly and my GSU friends for dinner.  We had so much fun and the food was really good.  Ellen and I shared a seafood platter and oysters on the 1/2 shell.  But the best part was the "Birthday Pie!"  Birthday Pie your saying, yes I received a birthday pie from the restaurant.  Poor Bryan had ordered a cake with white chocolate and strawberries for me and the restaurant accidentally brought out an apple pie!  They put candles on it and sung happy birthday also!  And Bryan bless his heart was turning bright red when he realized that it was not a birthday cake.  Well the story was, that Strip is thinking of bring pastries to the menu and the apple pie was for the owners to try later that night.  The GM told us that the chef made sure everyone knew the pie was a special pie and no one was to touch it.  Well after the blood simmered over Strip brought out the cake that Bryan had ordered.  So in other words I had my cake and eat it too!  I think that Bryan was more embarrassed then anything that it did not come out first.  Oh well the "pie" jokes were pretty funny also.  

Next year I'm turning the "Dirty Thirty" and we will be celebrating on my last before 30 bucket-list place I need to go New Orleans.  It will be a joint celebration with Jen and I who will be turning 30 exactly 2 months after me.  We plan on blowing our twenty's away and welcoming our 30's with open arms and hurricanes on the streets of the french quarter!  

This weekend is #woffordweek and Kelly is on her way down to the house and we will be having a girls weekend cooking and baking and going to the Georgia Southern game.  Hopefully we come back on Sunday with a Victory a belly full of good tailgating food and a Statesboro sun tan!  

Have a great weekend y'all!


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