Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wofford Weekend @ Georgia Southern

The weekend of October 13th was so far the best football weekend yet!!

Kelly came down on Friday night and her and I had a “sleepover”.  We went to Mexican, drank margaritas and talked about boys.  It was nice to talk to a non-married/child bearing women.  We ended up cooking all night also.  We baked meatballs, blended together her “famous” salsa, made a caramel apple dessert and the best item yet... CHOCOLATE CHIP and BACON cookies.  It was a great “girls night” and exactly what we both needed!!

 On Saturday we went down to the game.  Tailgated with the GSU group.  The cookies were the biggest hit.  I think it was more shocking then anything else that there was bacon in them.  I was a little disappointed that  I was not able to taste as much bacon as I wanted, but it was cool.  It was a good treat and something new to try.

It was Military Appreciation weekend at the GSU game.  Georgia Southern used a Nike pro-combat" uniform which was blue and white camo.  The University also had the Army parachute team "jump" with the game ball.  It was one of the coolest thing's I have seen.  I have never seen the jumpers that close.  I absolutely love what GSU does for military appreciation. 

One of the Army jumpers parachuting in with the GSU flag
The Army parachuter on their way down to the prettiest little stadium!

GSU getting ready to run onto the field with their "camo" uniforms

The actually game ended up watched one of the best football games I have seen in a while.  The weather was perfect, not to hot but not to chilly for a long-sleeved shirt.  It was a little to close for my liking but I guess a win is a win.  With this win Georgia Southern is now #1 in our conference and as you can see Ms. Ava is very happy about that and is great for us and play-offs.  We have two more big games the next 2 weekends against Furman and App State.  Then our fate will be decided November 3rd when we play app state in Statesboro.  

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!

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