Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

Last Tuesday was Valentines Day and I am not going to lie it was the best Valentines Day's I have ever had, thanks to my wonderful boy friend.  The two of us got dressed up and met in Madison for dinner.  Bryan surprised me with a great dinner and then him and I walked and around the park that was just outside the restaurant.  While in the park we saw these built in checker boards and benches.  I am hoping that that maybe on one of our date nights that Bryan may let me win at checkers if he will ever play me again.  (Him and I had a battle over Christmas and would not even let me win at my own house).  I made him one valentine for Bryan.  It was a Gator, since he is a HUGE UGA bulldog fan I enjoy torturing him with anything that I can find that is a Gator for Florida and or a Tiger for Auburn, but that was a little surprise that i gave to him at work along with some cup-cakes that I had delivered to him at his place of work.  I hope that the Gator is still in his locker! I hope that he knows how great the made our first Valentines day together and I hope that I made it as wonderful for him.  I could not have asked for a better evening with him.  Thanks B!

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