Friday, March 2, 2012

Family Time

This past week I have spent the past three days with my Mom and Dad.  I have not seen them since early-January, which is a long time.  They came down from the big city of Atlanta to visit their country-fied daughter, in Milledgeville Georgia.  Besides having to go to work during the week day I had two lunch dates with my mother.   I love having mother daughter time with her.  And that is exactly what both of us needed especially with the week we were both having.  While my mom and I were on our lunch date's and having mother daughter time my dad worked on my daddy-do list of some of the things I needed to be done at my house.  He is such a handy man and loves being able to help me out around my house.  I heard all about their trip to Hawaii that they took to see my cousin Alison get married with some of my aunt's and uncles on my mom's side.  They brought gifts back for me, a great magnet (one of my goals in life is trying to get state magnet from all 50 states), t-shirts (not matching) for Bryan and I, and a matching visor, (blue and black camo) for my jet-ski when the summer comes back around.

During some of my free time this week I made my first attempt of a yarn wreath.  I used a 14" wreath and wrapped the wreath 4 times around with the yarn.  Some of the blogs that I had read they said to use the whole yarn spool (if that is what they call it).  I also just got really bored with the Daytona 500 on Monday night and started to get tired with the red flag crazy accident with Juan with 40 laps left, I had to go to sleep.  But if you are going to start a yarn wreath make sure you have a few good hours or TV to watch or catch up on or a good movie on the DVR.  I bought the embellishment at Hobby Lobby.  The blue and pink flowers were a mobile from their spring collection that I cut apart for 6 different pieces each.   The two butterflies were also cut apart from a yard steak that was also part of their spring collection.  I think that the bright colors look great for the spring time and totally pop on my black door.  For the hook to hold the wreath I quad up with some of the extra yarn I had and hot glued the hell out of it to keep it in place.  I also sprayed the yarn with scotch-gaurd to keep it from wilting due to weather and such.

I also made a new wreath holder, which is shown in the picture.  I found a black holder and a big block letter "M" for my last name at Micheal's.  I painted the "M" with a metallic sliver weather proof paint so that it would not run in the weather.  This weekend I will be the test of the weather proof paint with the rain storms we are going to be having in Milledgeville Georgia and the Southeast part of the country.

Happy Friday and stay safe with the crazy weather out there this weekend!

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