Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Scrapbook Weekend

Over the weekend I finally had some "me" time, which means that I was able to craft happy without people thing I am crazy.  Also, it was the first weekend Bryan and I had been apart since the first weekend of December.  I really did not know what to do with myself because I did not have him to entertain me.  So, I went a little scrapbook happy, knowing no one was going to be stoping by my house all weekend.  I am pretty sure that if anyone came into my house Saturday and Sunday they would think i was a hoarder of scrapbook material, or that a tornado turned my house upside down with everything spread out around my living room.  I was able to get a total of 32 pages finished over the weekend.  I started my book at July 2011, when I had my girl-friends and their others, over at the lake for a long weekend to New Year's Eve Party 2011 at Ellen's house for her annual party.

To finish all 32 pages I am not going to lie, but I did not have to buy one sheet of paper or embellishment to complete all the pages.  If any of you scrapbook I am sure that you are thinking, wow she did not have to buy anything for 32 pages, she really is a hoarder of scrapbook material/supplies.   Bryan and my mom think the amount of stuff I have is ridiculous for someone who does not scrapbook for a living.  I could only imagine what my dad would say if he knew all what went into the books. 

It was great to be able to get everything done (by myself) that I wanted to get done with my book.  I did not think I was going to be able to finish all 32 pages.  I was hoping to make it to at lease halloween.  I can not wait to show it off and finish up the rest of the few pages I still have to complete, especially Valentines Day 2012 ;) and then the few other vacations we are going on in the next few months.   

 The photos attached are some of my favorite pages that I was able to work on this weekend.  

Happy Tuesday!

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