Thursday, February 2, 2012

Black and Red Explosion

So the past week I have been getting ready for my friend Cara and her husband Tjs baby shower, for their new arrival Trey.  It has been a huge craft project in its own taking, but I have loved every minute of it! The theme of the shower is UGA.  And any Dawg fan would be proud that three girls (who are all GSU die-hard fans) are allowing this color scheme to be used for this little baby boy, and his daddy better be proud too.  (To be honest, I love how red and black complement each other, just can't stand them together all the time, but you will never find them in my house).

For the invitations we went with the UGA red and black along with a gray background.  For the "T" that is used it is the exact font as the Georgia "G" that is used on the helmets and such.  The red and gray are the PMS colors that are used by UGA also.   From what I understood the future mommy and daddy were both very happy with the color's and the way that the invitations were laid out and designed.  For all you print nerds, they were printed on an 100# Gloss Cover on a digital color press.  

For the some of the table decorations, I attempted to make a ribbon topiary.  I purchased two 5" Styrofoam balls, 10 yards of ribbon in five different sizes and colors that matched the you/we are going with.  I cut the ribbon into 2-3" strips.  After cutting and cutting and some more cutting the ribbon into strips I over lapped each end and then placed a straight pin into each end for each strip.  Using the straight pin i placed the strips over the ball attempting not the let any of the different strips touch each other.  When pinning make sure that something good is on the TV or put in a DVD, pinning the ribbons on to the ball took about 2.5 - 3 hours.  And I did each ball at separate times.  When finished with both of the ribbon balls I guess you can say that I "fluffed" them so that you were not able to see where I was holding it to place the ribbons.  Also, to fill in some of the dead space I used a very small ribbon (less then 1/2 inch thickness) and had them look like they are weaving through-out the other colors.  Attempting to have them stand, I bought a two 2.5 foot wood dowel, flower pots, (I was planning on painting them myself but being the procrastinator that I am I didn't have time to do it) and 3" Styrofoam ball's.  I hot glued the 3" balls into the flower pots.  I placed the hole into the 5" balls with the dowel before I hot glued the dowel onto the both ends of the balls. 


My friend who told me about this idea she said that she did not glue the ends of the balls and if someone knocked into where they were sitting they would fall off the dowel.  I also, did not have a problem with the Styrofoam being eaten by the hot glue, from what I read on some other blogs that was my biggest fear while working on the ribbon topiary. Of course I had to get black and red fill paper products/packing material to fill the bottom of the pots up so that 3" balls were not visible.  Some of the others that I have seen use the floral moss and such.    

Because I am not the typical person and always have to go big or go home when it comes to my friends and their soon to be kids I decided to make a basket/gift bag. I love trying to find things that people can use for more then one purpose.  I found this wicked cute red wicker basket at Michael's.  It was large enough to hold all the cute baby clothing that I bought, but then also large enough to hold toys, puzzles and or anything else this little boy may need or want to play with.  I found white wood letters and and hot glued them to the front of the basket. 

Also on the back side of the basket there was a cute chalk board on the back so if my girlfriend needs and or decided to label things for her little boy's room. 

My final products for the night filled with some of the cute (well kind of cute) Red, Black and White items for this new addition in our group of friends.  I can not wait for Cara and TJ to see all of the great items that have been made for them and their new baby at the shower.  My new neuphe is going to be so spoiled but you can bet a dollar that auntie Laura will be buying some blue and white items for GEORGIA SOUTHERN football season.... Labor Day 2012 can not come fast enough.  Saturday is the shower and hopefully everything goes off well!  Hope everyone had a great groundhogs day!!


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