Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baby Shower for Trey

The past weekend my girl friends and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Cara and her husband TJ for their newest addition Trey.  My last post was about some of the decorations and things that I had made for her.  It was a great time to be had by all of our guest, minus our little water incident at my house.  We decorated the the house with red and black all over.  There was a task for Sarah, Alex and I since the three of us LOVE Georgia Southern.   


There was so much great finger food that we all made by all of us.  Along with the food the three of us all made cute little items for our best girl friend and her family.  Alex had made a gorgeous diapers cake along with a football bank that went on top of the cake.  Sarah made wonderful chocolate baby carriages.  They did have red white and dark chocolate.   Some of them had baby Trey and a "T" on them. I also had a cake made to look like the invitation.  Cara and TJreceived so many cute little outfit's.  I don't think that they were expecting all of the clothing and the double stroller.  Seeing all of the cute clothing made me love buying little baby clothing.  I hope that Cara and TJ loved everything that was put together for them and that she has started washing clothes.  I can not wait to meet little baby Trey when Bryan and I go down to Savannah in March, which will be our first trip together!  And I can not wait to go down there with him, it is one of my favorite vacation places to go to with one of my favorite people!  

- LA!

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