Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am not sure how to start my first blogging experience off... but...

With this blog I am hoping to talk about the adventures and memories that the people in my life and I are going to make together.  Along with the scrap-booking pages, prints/designs, crafts and projects that I am working on for friends and also in and around my house.  But now let me introduce myself....

My name is Laura, and I am in my mid twenty's and trying to figure out this thing called life.  I was born in Chicago, Illinois and still have some "crazy Yankee" tendency's in how I talk and act according to my friends and co-workers.  I was raised in Alpharetta, Georgia, which is north east of Atlanta.  I graduated college from Georgia Southern University in May 2008 with a degree in Graphic Communications Management (Printing Management).  I am a 3rd generation printer and proud to be able to say that.  I currently live in Milledgeville, Georgia.  I am working at a small printing company in middle Georgia and love my job, which I have been there since October '09. When I am not working I enjoy getting hanging out with my boyfriend, friends, getting crafty and scrapbooking.  Michael's and Hobby Lobby can ruin this girls bank account.  But I enjoy and love every project that I do work on and complete!
I have an amazing family that I love.  My mom and dad live in Alpahretta and I have a younger brother, who lives in the Atlanta area.  He also went to Georgia Southern majored in Graphic Communications.  I guess you can say that printing is in our blood.  When my family is not spending time together in Alpharetta or Chicago we are at our lake house on Lake Sinclair.
I have to say that I have best core group of friends a girl can ask for:

I have a wonderful boyfriend, Bryan (attempting to find a photo) who is a great new addition to my world. He is everything I could ask for and more.  Although he is a UGA (thats a curse word in my book) fan!! Little does he know I will be attempting to convert him over to a Georgia Southern fan!

My best friend Ellen and I have been friends since we were in 6thish grade and we more or less should of been sisters that were switched at birth.   Words can not describe the love for this lady she has brought so much happiness into my life I wouldn't know what to do with out her!  Her and her husband, John are two of the best people in my life.  Two of my favorite memories with her is when her and I went to Jacksonville to see Matt Nathanson and Sister Hazel in concert.  And then there was this night (wow how so many of our stories start that way) when Ellen, Jen (below) and I were at Tubbys in Thunderbolt and had that new bartender and did some line dancing.  I think that is one night the three of us will never forget. 
My other best friend is Jen, we have know each other since we think 10th grade.  But the one thing that we can both agree on is that we did some pretty silly things together when we together and when we were able to take a class together I did have to call her a few times to let her know that she was late on a presentation or two.She is my lake and football partner in crime.  You can count on every Memorial Day we are floating around lake Logan Martin, in 'Bama where she lives and par-taking in RNRC, going to cain's, the local watering hole and or playing wii dance together  When it comes to labor day weekend we are cheering on our teams (Bama for her and GSU for me) at their games and or on the lake.   She has converted me into an Alabama fan and I converted her into a Georgia Southern fan.  Her and I do have a before thirty bucket list and an after thirty bucket list that we have been attempting to complete over the past few years. 
Then there is Kelly... what can I say if she only know what she was getting when she told me no one was sitting next to her in our printing class.  She may of not of sent me that friend request on facebook or allowed me to draw pictures for her in class.  Kelly and I are print nerds and partners in crime when it came to my last year at GSU. She was one of the only girls in my major and her and I both have the same out look on life which is more or less there is nothing wrong with being rude, crude and socially unacceptable before 6 in the morning.  Poor Kelly got trapped into Ellen and I's evilness the first weekend Kelly decided that it was a good idea for her to come and hang out with my roommates and I in Statesboro.  If she only knew once again what she was getting into I am sure should would of skipped that weekend entirely.  But that first weekend was the best weekend I have ever had in my college career, even though we are not able to talk about it unless her, Ellen and I are in a secret private room.  If we only knew I am sure we would of called it the best weekend ever!

Finally but never last is my core group of friends from college, Cara, Kimberly, Sarah, and Alex.  The five of us were all in the same sorority (Omega Phi Alpha) and three of us pledged together. When we are not celebrating each others mile stones in our lives we are tailgating at Paulson Stadium cheering on the Georgia Southern Eagles!! The five of us have been tailgating together, and husbands/boyfriends since 2008 in the Row K area in the tailgate lot.  (Come by and see us if your ever at the GSU game).  I know that I can count on these girls for anything.  They all made Georgia Southern that much specialer for me in their own way while we were there together.  I can not wait to see what is in store for this group of girls and me!!  

I hope that whom ever is reading this got to know me a little better and that you have been introduced to the group of people that I spend most of my free time with on weekends and holidays!  


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