Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Month of September 2012

Happy Wednesday Y'all.  Let me tell you I am so glad that the week not wait this month is almost over!!  It has been the busy month of my life, at lease it seams that way.   I know I have neglected my blog this past month so I am going to attempt to recap everything that has gone on so I do not have to do a make up post for the past 26 days.
September 1st - 3rd - Labor Day Weekend -  It was the opening of the college football season and Bryan and I went down to the Georgia Southern game and tailgated with all of our wonderful Southern friends.  It was wicked hot and that day reminded me why we do not usually go to Labor Day weekend games.  I came home with a typical Southern sunburn (sunglasses/sleeve burn).  The for the rest of the weekend we spend on the lake with my mom and dad and some of our lake friends.  Nice and relaxing Sunday and Monday

September 7th and 9th - Bryan and I went car shopping.... enough said!!!!!  (still have not bought anything but at lease we have narrowed it down to a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited)  We went to a few dealerships looked at cars, schmoozed by the salesman.  It was horrible and exhausting!

September 14-16th - Bryan had military drill this weekend and I went home to Atlanta to have a girls weekend with my mom!  But first I ran my first 5K.  It was for the Nephcure 5k in Atlanta, which the past few months a very good friend and sorority sister of mine has been diagnosed with FSGS stage 4.  (so please say prayer for her if you read this).  We had a great team of friends, family and sorority sisters out there for Team Kimberly!!  After the 5K my mom and I went dress shopping and had a girls day ITP in Atlanta.  I think it was exactly what we needed together!
September 21-23 -  Bryan and I were a house divided this weekend.  I went to the GSU game for our first home SOCON game and he went to the UGA game with TJ for their first home SEC game.  We both had fun at our schools game, but it was great to spend the Sunday with him watching the Falcons and relaxing.

Now it is the last Wednesday of the month and I am waiting for the new season of Criminal Minds to start.  Hope everyone September is going great and I hope that the rest of the year slows down.  I am not ready for 2013!!


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