Thursday, April 19, 2012

Savannah, Georgia 2012

Bryan and I took a weekend trip together and traveled to Savannah, Georgia.  Before we made our way into one of the most beautiful cities in America we made a side trip to Statesboro.  We ate at my favorite restaurant in Statesboro, which is the Beaver House.  It is family style southern cooking.  Oh, how I miss going there with my girl friends on Tuesday's after class or Sundays with my "Georgia Southern Family".  Of course I dragged him to the bookstore but couldn't find the sticker i wanted for his truck.  After lunch and shopping we went down to see Cara and her newest addition Trey and her family.  I was so nervous the first time she let me hold him.  I cant remember the last time I held a month to - two month year old.  It may of been a first time experience, since she is the first of my friends to have children.

After visiting with the new family, we made our way to Savannah.  We stayed on the outskirts of the city which was fine with us.  Friday night we ate dinner at the crab shack on tybee island.  We ate a feast of seafood.  I have been craving seafood for the past few weeks and that was the best place that gave us the best variety for what we all wanted.  We had crab, shrimp, muscles, craw-fish, sausage, potatoes and corn.  It was heaven in my mouth.  After dinner we met up with a friend of mine at the local karaoke bar.

Saturday we did a lot of tourist things.  Bryan and I walked around river street and took a trolley car tour.  One of his fellow Army Reservist lives in Savannah and works for a trolley car service and we took the tour with her.  I have to say with all the tours all around the world I have been on, she was one of the best that I have heard in a while.  We learned about all the squares, the history in some of the architecture in the city and why only one square does not have moss.  And of course we had to go see the square that Forest Gump was filmed at.  While on river street they had an old Army ship on the river, where the new WWII memorial was build.  We also of course had to stop by the river street sweets.  We watched a guy make taffy in the candy store from start to finish. We ate dinner at the Shrimp Factory, and it was great.  I got my favorite drink there 2x, the Chatham Artillery Punch, it is wondefuless in the mouth.  Of course we both over ate and was miserable after the dinner but it was so worth it.  After dinner we went to wet Willy's and had a frozen daiquiri's and sat out on river street and watched the cargo ships come in and out of the port.  It was such a great relaxing night for a wonderful day!

On Sunday we ate brunch with Byran's friend that is the trolley tour giver at cobble stone and Bryan panned a private carriage ride around the Savannah area for the two of us. I do not think we even listened to the tour giver, we sat back and just rode around in the carriage and enjoyed each other company and talked about how much fun the two of us had together.  The weekend in Savannah was exactly what i needed with all the craziness that has been going on the past month.  It was great to do nothing and not have to worry about anything.  I can not wait until we go to Florida for Byran's early birthday gift!  It will be so much fun just the two of us.

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