Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesdays Tunes: Miranda Lambert and Pistol Annies

Good Tuesday All!  This weeks Tuesday Tunes goes out to my girl crush Miranda Lambert and her band Pistol Annies.  Every time I hear one of her song's it totally relates to what I am feeling or going though at that time.  I love that she is the "rebel" girl of country music right now The music she sings and writes (i hope) comes from the heart and may have been influenced by personal choices or experiences.  I really feel that the more personal the song is the more it will relate to others.  This week I have chosen Miranda Lamberts "Mama's Broken Heart" and Pistol Annies "Hell on Heals". 

I am addicted to her newest song, "Mama's Broken Heart".   I could listen to this song over and over again as loud as possible.  This song could be my theme song right now.  Mama's Broken Heart is about how some people take a break up and that a "girl war" is a lot more then most people think (just watch mean girls).  As a woman, you have to always have a beautiful face on especially  when you are really hurting inside and plotting the revenge on the men and or women who have hurt you the most. 

"Can’t get revenge and keep a spotless reputation
Sometimes revenge is a choice you gotta make"

  My second song of the week is by Pistol Annies, Miranda Lamberts all girls group.  Every song I have heard by Pistol Annies is wonderful.   They sing about what my friends and I (I am sure some of you also) talk about all the time, finding us a sugar daddy so that we do not have to work anymore or for the rest of our lives.  I am sure that this is not the most appropriate or politically correct, but I love it and that is all that matters!!
"He made me pretty; He made me smart; I'm gonna break me a million hearts:
I'm hell on heels;
Sugar Daddy, I'm coming for you"

I love linking up with Holli and Lauren with their Tuesdays Tunes. I can't wait to read and hear the songs that you are jamming out to this week.  

Enjoy All!


  1. Hey! I found you through the BBU Blog Hop and decided to follow. Great blog, and great taste in music too! Check mine out?


  2. this Tuesday Tunes looks like so much fun :) Thanks for making me discovering some new songs :)